9/7 Let's Have Fun in the Kitchen: Dine In Like You Are Dining Out

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9/7 Let's Have Fun in the Kitchen: Dine In Like You Are Dining Out

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Dîner à la Maison: Dine In Like You’re Dining Out!

Class Summary: If you’ve ever wanted to cook the foods you’ve eaten at restaurants, this class is for you! Together, we are going to discuss ways to alter common recipes eaten at restaurants in ways that are quick, simple, DELICIOUS, and, of course, nutritious! 

Event Description: While dining out is a norm in our U.S. culture, cooking is still an art! In this class, we will discuss the popular fast food culture and ways to replicate restaurant dishes at home that are more healthful (and creative) than the restaurants. By the end of class, you’ll be a master chef, ready to prepare meals even better than the professionals. 


Location: 633 Parsons Avenue, Columbus 43206 in Local Matters' new CareSource Community Kitchen

Classes are open to all, regardless of ability to pay. We ask that all participants register online to confirm their seat. Please call us at (614) 263-5662 or email classes@local-matters.org if you have any questions.

Note: Minimum participant age is 5 years old and children must be with a participating adult. 

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