Inspiring action because food impacts the quality of our health, our land and our communities.


As a community collaborator, Local Matters is transforming the food system through education and increased access to healthful, affordable and sustainable food, while inspiring individuals to consider the role of food in their lives.



Creating a framework for food justice that ensures everyone’s right to healthful, culturally appropriate food.

We support community-specific food solutions and participate on a local level to direct policy and programs that will advance everyone’s access to healthful and culturally appropriate foods.


Providing a strong foundation of knowledge for people to make informed decisions about their food.

We teach children and adults about healthful food, how to grow it, and how to cook it. We help increase understanding about why our food choices matter and all of the ways food connects us to the most important issues of our time.


Inspiring people to think and act differently about the food system and to understand why collective action matters.

We inspire people to consider the impact of our current food system, and to take action to transform that system to positively affect our health, our land and our communities.


Sharing responsibilities and resources in an intentional and structured way. 

We take a leadership role in identifying systemic issues and connecting with partners to share resources for greater impact


Recognizing the joy that food can bring to our lives when we gather together. We celebrate the joy and connections that food fosters in our community.