In 2015, Local Matters positively impacted 11,000 children, adults and families, representing a 45% growth in two years. From Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters™ hands-on culinary instruction for adults to Food Matters interactive food education for children to growing food for communities, we work with diverse populations from pre-school age to seniors. Our core programs are: 

Cooking Matters, a national approach to hunger, delivered through six weeks of hands-on cooking and nutrition instruction that helps families cook healthful, delicious meals on a limited budget and provides groceries. Data show that participants are less likely to experience food insecurity after completing the program. 

Food Matters, a weekly, hands-on food education and movement program for children primarily in low-income areas reaching over 5,000 children and parents annually. After participating in the program, 77% of students met or exceeded the recommended daily servings of fruit and 61% met or exceeded the recommendation for vegetables. 

Growing Matters, an innovative food production and education program that equips communities with strategies that address food security through skill development and collaborative engagement. 

Wellness Matters, our social enterprise brings interactive and fun healthful food education to the workplace. With expert-designed packages and à la carte options, we help you to meet your wellness and engagement goals. 

Food Planning, a community-based process to create a comprehensive plan to increase the availability, affordability, and knowledge of fresh fruits and vegetables. Local Matters worked as the lead non-profit to create the first ever Columbus-Franklin County Local Food Action Plan, in partnership with Columbus Public Health, the Franklin County Department of Development, and hundreds of community stakeholders. Adopted in late fall 2016, the plan provides strategies to improve access to healthy, quality, affordable foods, reduce food waste and enhance coordination among existing food resources in our community, with a focus on the economic development opportunities therein.

Click here to view LocaL Matters' ParTNERSHIP SITE LIST.

Click here to view LocaL Matters' ParTNERSHIP SITE LIST.

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