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Thank you for your interest in joining Local Matters in advocating for food education and access! You can stay up-to-date on Local Matters’ advocacy efforts and find a variety of advocacy tools on this page.

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To find out what Congressional, State Senate, and State House District you live in, visit the Franklin County Board of Elections Sample Ballot page and search your address.

Not a Franklin County voter? You can still find your Congressional, Ohio Senate, and Ohio House representatives by clicking on each hyperlink.


Read about the proposed legislation that would implement Health Education Standards throughout Ohio - House Bill 165 and Senate Bill 121.

Supplement: Local Matters Testimony
Local Matters offered proponent testimony to the Committee on Primary & Secondary Education on House Bill 165 to share why we, as a nonprofit in Central Ohio, believe Ohio needs to adopt Health Education Standards for K-12 students.


2018 Candidate Guide for Central Ohio
Make your voice heard with Local Matters

This election season, join Local Matters in rallying for food and health-related issues. A lack of food education and access in our communities is not a partisan issue – every candidate needs to understand the challenges our neighbors face each day and have a plan to help end these problems.

Supplement: Candidate Responses
As candidates respond, we will compile their answers here. This document will be continually updated through November 6, 2018.