Menu of Offerings

Our Wellness Matters program has both expertly crafted packages and à la carte offerings in order to help you meet your wellness goals and budget! Please see below for options and contact us for more details. 

Package 1: Healthy Eating on a Budget 

  • Perfect for: Employers who want to maximize their reach with a minimal budget
  • Program: Four Cooking Demonstrations / one hour each, includes samples
  • Topics covered: How to save money while Eating Nutritious, Delicious Foods; Seasonal Eating; Meal Planning; Healthful Lunches and Snacks; and Food Storage

Package 2: Cooking for Health 

  • Perfect for: Employers who want to make in-depth changes for small-to-mid-sized teams 
  • Program: Four Hands-on Cooking Classes / 90 min. each, includes lunch or dinner
  • Topics covered: Knife skills; Essentials from the Five Food Groups; Healthful Cooking Techniques/Clean Eating; Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks; Meal Planning Strategies

Package 3: Complete Food Experience 

  • Perfect For: Employers who are striving to provide their staff with a comprehensive view of food- from gardening, planning, shopping, and cooking  
  • Programming and Topics
    • One 60-minute Cooking Demonstration with samples: Overview of Healthful Eating
    • Two 60-minute Growing Matters 101 Workshops: Learn How to Garden at Home
    • Two 90-minute Hands-on Cooking Classes: Beginning Basics of Healthful Cooking (Knife Skills and Healthy Cooking Techniques); Making Healthful Choices at Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
    • One 60-minute Cooking Demonstration with lunch: The Benefits of Eating and Cooking in Season
    • One 60-minute Nutrition Workshop: Putting it All Together- Meal Planning Strategies for Success

Package 4: Team Building with Food 

  • Perfect for: Employers who want to build enthusiasm and to support wellbeing and engagement in their workforce.
  • Programming and Topics
    • One 60-minute Cooking Demonstration with samples: Introduce Teams to Healthful Eating 
    • Two 90-minute Hands-on Cooking Classes: Participate in intensive hands-on learning: Knife Skills and Healthy Cooking Techniques, and Making Healthful Choices at Breakfast, Lunch, and with Snacks.
    • 90-minute Cook-off Challenge: Celebrate together in a fun competition- learn about whole grainds and vegetable choices. Teams compete to win over the judges by creating the most delicious dish!


Thank you for your interest in our Wellness Matters programming! Working with us helps bring life-changing healthful food education to over 14,000 individuals each year.

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