'Color your plate'

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“Color your plate with natural and varied foods. Our motto is, eat well and live well!”
– Dr. Razan Alkhoury, Nationwide Children’s Whitehall Primary Care Center

Dr. Razan Alkhoury first connected with Local Matters through the Culinary Medicine program. She worked alongside Chef Laura Robertson-Boyd for both Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University culinary medicine classes. After seeing Local Matters' work first-hand, Dr. Alkhoury knew that she wanted to help establish a partnership between Local Matters and Whitehall Primary Care Center.

“Many of our patients [at Whitehall Primary Care Center] strive to improve their health and control their weight, but I found that offering general information was less helpful to them than specific demonstrations – it’s more effective to learn how to apply their knowledge in the kitchen.

Dr. Alkhoury reflects that there are many common misunderstandings around what healthy eating means. These misunderstandings make overcoming the barriers to achieving a healthy diet feel insurmountable.

“When patients feel like eating healthy is out of reach, that can result in serious medical consequences…I think that empowering families with hands-on cooking lessons, focused on both health and feasibility, sets them up for a better lifestyle.

Local Matters could not agree more. We value our relationship and work with Dr. Alkhoury and the team at Nationwide Children’s Whitehall Primary Care Center. Through partnerships like this, we can come together to share resources and expertise and create a healthy community for all. 

A final note of thanks from Dr. Razan Alkhoury:

The success of launching this program has been a true team effort, so I want to give due credit to Local Matters; the Whitehall Primary Care Center, including Doctors Jackson and Zanotti-Morocco; the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition; Restore Whitehall; and the Whitehall Parks and Recreation. I really appreciate their enthusiasm, collaboration, and hard work. Also, the encouragement and support extended to us from the leadership at NCH especially from Doctors Alex Kemper and Dane Snyder has been a big asset to our success.