"I like the food you cook"

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Meet a few of Ms. Katie and Mr. Eli's Food Matters students

As food educators Katie Hart and Eli Sparks were wrapping up Food Matters curriculum before winter break, they were focused on delivering as much content as possible to classrooms full of restless kids. When it was time to finish up a final lesson, Katie and Eli were interrupted by their students. They had something to give the Local Matters food educators.

The students had prepared thank you notes for Katie and Eli. Touched by their kind words and enthusiasm for healthy food, we would like to share some of the students' words with you, too.

Dear Ms Katie and Mr Eli:

Thank you for coming and teaching us about food, vitamins, and how to stay healthy...I want to say that you've taught me how to keep my body healthy and how to keep germs away from my body. So, now because of that, my body is healthy and strong.

Dear Mr Eli and Ms Katie:

Thank you for spending time with us and teaching us. I appreciate when you teach us the different food like kale chips, salad, my favorite potatoes, cranberries, and smoothies. At home I made kale chips and I put olives on it. I liked it because it was flavorful. Thank you for teaching us the four seasons when you grow, harvest and plant. I liked it when you told us about the different vitamins A, C, B, E, K and D. Thank you for everything you have done.

These students were taught by a group of passionate food educators whose work is made possible by your support. Thank you.