To be an informed consumer

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"I feel so much better – enriched and empowered! Thank you!"

How many times have you walked into a grocery store and felt overwhelmed by options? Between nutrition labels, ingredient lists, and unit prices, trying to choose the best option for you can seem futile. When you're diabetic or relying on SNAP and WIC, the choices only become harder.

Local Matters runs 'Cooking Matters at the Store Tours' to help participants navigate these types of barriers. After a recent tour, attendees took the time to share some of the tips they learned. How many of the tips do you follow?

"Frozen veggies have the same nutrients as fresh. Also, I had no idea that 2% and skim milk have the same amount of vitamin D!"

"I learned how to tell when food has whole grain, and what that means. Also, the tour taught me how to check for added salts."

"Watch sugar - just because it's bran or whole grain doesn't mean you don't still have to watch sugar levels."

The Cooking Matters at the Store Tours share food information and shopping tips with participants that can truly change lives. They are led by passionate food educators and volunteers, whose work is made possible by your support. Thank you.