Knowledge is power for this 5-year-old

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Knowledge is power, especially for this 5-year old and his food.

When Kaden was a preschooler at Columbus Early Learning Center, he learned about food with our Food Matters team. During a 24-week curriculum, he sampled fruits and veggies, talked about MyPlate, and explored cultural identity around food.

One day, Kaden's mom, Robin, handed him a clementine. He started to happily eat it, but stopped. He remarked that he thought oranges were fruit. When Robin replied that yes, they are, he asked why his orange didn’t have seeds, since 'all fruits have seeds.'

Robin was amazed by all that Kaden had learned and excited to start talking with him more about the food they eat. When they go grocery shopping, Robin talks to Kaden about the food she's buying and why. He wants to learn more about where his food comes from and how to grow it.

Food Matters leads food and growing curriculum in schools and with community partners across Columbus. Your support fuels the knowledge and passion they share with students in Pre-K through high school. Thank you.