Science and magic in the garden

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"Sometimes when you hear the term sustainable living, it seems so out of touch. Local Matters brings it to our neighborhoods, our homes, and our daily lives."

Aziza and her family have been a part of the Local Matters community for years. Through Local Matters, they learned how to garden, started a small garden co-op with their neighbors, and are now growing food to sell as part of the Buckeye ISA program. This is Aziza's story:

"After settling into our home in Olde Towne East and having our first child, my husband and I had this grand idea to start a garden. Well, we found that it was a lot more than just putting seeds into the ground and waiting for harvest. As luck would have it I came across some Local Matters literature in Upper Cup Coffee, did a search online, and contacted Jesse Hickman.

Jesse was so amazing, he gave us a fast course in gardening basics, assisted with soil management, and even built our raised garden box for vegetables and a small one for strawberries!

We have been inspired to harvest vegetables every year since we began gardening five years ago. It is something that the whole family looks forward to doing. Our children get to help choose what vegetables we grow and are so excited when they see the first sprouts, and of course the finished product; our youngest thinks its magic and our son enjoys the scientific process!"

You help families across Central Ohio find an accessible practice of sustainable living through your support of Local Matters's growing programs. Thank you.