Parallel Paths Converge

July 2018.jpeg

Lauren Howard and Kelsey Sicker have been on parallel paths with Local Matters for years.

Recently, a volunteer opportunity with Cooking Matters brought this power-team together.

Lauren started her Local Matters journey in 2011 during our first cooking classes with students at OSU's College of Medicine. Kelsey's introduction came several years later when she took culinary medicine with Local Matters as a medical student herself.

Having both been participants in Local Matters programs prior to volunteering, Lauren and Kelsey bring unique insight and understanding to their teaching. After witnessing this powerful, empathetic duo lead a Cooking Matters course at Mt. Carmel St Ann's (in partnership with Westerville Area Resource Pantry), we knew we had to share some of their reflections with you.

"Because it’s a multiple week course, I get a chance to follow up and connect with individuals and families. It feels great to hear about participants trying new things and even adjusting what they currently eat to incorporate healthier food options. Even after a long day of work and feeling tired, I always leave the Cooking Matters class grateful, encouraged, and full." - Lauren

"My favorite part of the Cooking Matters class has been hearing the feedback and perspectives of the participants. I had only experienced cooking classes with medical students prior to my involvement with this class, and I have learned so much about a patient’s perspective by listening to their questions, obstacles, and accomplishments.It is humbling to see all of them work hard to learn the material and ultimately take steps toward healthier lives each week." - Kelsey

Continued involvement by people like Lauren and Kelsey - people like you - have made it possible for Local Matters to reach it's tenth anniversary and look ahead to the next ten years. Thank you.