Maryhaven, Pt. 2

Oct 2018.jpeg

Growth underneath the surface

After solving the problem of how to care for the tomatoes and greens, the women turned toward the bed that should have had carrots.

The carrots weren’t growing. How could all the other gardens be full of growth, but not the carrots? Our food educators asked, 'For carrots, where does the growth occur?' 'Underground.' Yes, so we don’t always see the growth happening. We have to trust that it's happening before we can see the results.

In that sense, we are all just like the carrots. We have to trust that our growth, our recovery is taking place. Eventually, we will be able to see how the healing has impacted daily life. 

Lastly, the group turned to focus on the bean plants. Half of the bean plants had been given stakes to wrap around and support growth. Half of the plants were not given any extra support. The women took note that the bean plants that were not given extra support had grown horizontally until they found supports of their own. 

'Not all of us are given the support we need and deserve, but we are all capable of creating our own system of support.' The food educators leaned into this lesson to wrap up their class for the day. Each one of the plants can teach us something about growth - we just have to look for it.

Our work with Maryhaven this summer, as well as the lessons and growth shared with these women in recovery, is possible because of your support. Thank you.