A Community Kitchen Story

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Meet Nicole McAllister, a CareSource Community Kitchen participant who has changed the way she cooks.

Nicole McAllister came to a Local Matters Commuinty Kitchen Class without much experience cooking. She and her husband kept food prep to a minimum because she had never learned basic cooking skills growing up. After that first class, Nicole knew she would keep coming back. She has attended everything from Rise and Shine Morning Meals, to Waffle Crush Wednesday, to Starting Your Own Garden.

"The Kitchen classes have taught me so much and I enjoy cooking more often because I understand how to do it in a healthy way. I learned how to hold a knife properly which makes a world of difference to me. The cooking classes also taught me how to pickle foods and make waffles from scratch, and safe techniques like using ‘the Claw’ to properly dice an onion without it slipping away.” -Nicole McAllister

We are proud to have helped Nicole and her husband shift their approach to food. With Nicole in mind, we continue to partner for healthy communities - through programs with Amethyst, partnerships with Columbus City Schools, and classes for those of any ability. Thank you for being our partner in this life-changing work!