The Power of Culinary Medicine

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Meet Kelsey Sicker, a medical student and believer in the power of culinary medicine.

Kelsey is a medical student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and firm proponent of culinary medicine as a part of medical students' training. She knows that food is health - it can promote recovery from disease and chronic conditions. It influences day-to-day energy levels and how we interact with the world. After experiencing the culinary medicine curriculum with Local Matters, Kelsey reflected:

"My involvement with Local Matters has given me comfort to discuss food and cooking, particularly in a relatable way for patients to readily apply to daily life...My own experience cooking in the Local Matters kitchen has given me personal examples to draw on when having discussions about diet and problem-solving obstacles such as finances, time restraints, and difficulty of meal preparation.

One of the most important aspects that made this course beneficial for me was the atmosphere of the in-class cooking time. It was always a positive learning environment that felt welcoming to trying new skills, asking questions, and making mistakes (one of the best ways to learn!)...I am excited to continue learning and applying these skills because I know they will be a powerful tool for me as a future physician."

We are humbled to be a part of Kelsey's development as a future physician and look forward to expanding our work with the medical community through partnerships like those with Mt. Carmel West, OhioHealth, and Nationwide Children's.