Getting children excited about food

Food consumption and healthful habits are critically important to a student’s success. Healthy and physically active students are shown to consistently perform better across academic areas.

Local Matters reaches children and youth through programs designed to inspire nutritious choices from an early age and provide an in-depth understanding of what healthful food is, where it comes from, how it grows, and how to prepare it. Working with parents, caregivers, and teachers to support the positive dietary choices of the children in their lives, Local Matters delivers education at all age levels. Our Food Matters and Growing Matters curricula are tailored to serve pre-schoolers through high-schoolers, aligning with existing programs in schools, early childcare sites, after-school programs and summer feeding sites through:

•    Education about healthful foods
•    Hands-on preparation and activities related to food
•    Learning gardens
•    Training and technical assistance

If I had some loose change I would give you a tip because my taste buds are super blown!
— Food Matters student after tasting salsa and black bean dip
This is fun, I’ve never had a garden before!
— Growing Matters student at Thompson Recreation Center

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