Package 4: Team Building with Food 

Perfect for: Employers who want to build enthusiasm and to support wellbeing and engagement in their workforce.

Programming and Topics

  • One 60-minute Cooking Demonstration with Samples: Introduce Teams to Healthful Eating 
  • Two 90-minute Hands-on Cooking Classes with Shared Meal: Beginning Basics of Health Cooking; Knife Skills; Healthy Cooking Techniques; Making Healthful Choices at Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Time
  • One 90-minute Cook-off Challenge: Celebrate together in a fun competition- learn about whole grains and vegetable choices; strategize together in high-energy, timed event; teams compete to win over the judges by creating the most delicious dish featuring ingredients from the Table of Bounty and a Mystery Ingredient!

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Thank you for your interest in our Wellness Matters programming! We look forward to bringing food into the conversation of wellness.

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