Wellness Matters is a fun, interactive food education program for the workplace. Whether bringing new energy to your next retreat or conference, or leading a Cook-off Challenge for your team event, Wellness Matters makes it easy for you! We offer turn-key programming in your space. You bring your team, we supply everything else. For more information, email the Wellness Matters team

Read testimonials from some of our clients:

The Wellness Matters team does a wonderful job with our associates. They’re organized, have plenty of beautiful produce for the On-site Farm Stand and the Cooking Demonstration is a highlight. We look forward to future events!
— Steve Diamond, Director Human Resources, SafeAuto Insurance Company
The Wellness Matters team is such a joy to work with. I’m so pleased with how successful the On-site Farm Stand and Cooking Demonstration were!! It was a wonderful event - I love that it gave our associates fun, easy ways to add a little Wellness to their day! I can’t wait to work with and take classes from Wellness Matters again!
— Adrian Miller, Merchandiser and Wellness Committee Member, DSW
Wellness Matters has changed my life. I was struggling with my weight and my cholesterol levels which leaves you feeling generally unwell. Fortunately my employer, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, has a lunch and learn program on our lunch break every few weeks. We learn about healthier options, how to enjoy meatless entrées and delicious desserts that are made of things that could power and nourish my body. After several months of being in the Wellness program at work utilizing the tools I was learning, I was able to see my cholesterol drop in HALF along with losing nearly 30 lbs since starting in the program. You cannot lose weight and change your body with just exercise; your diet must change as well. And Wellness Matters made me realize that’s not a scary thing, instead something that is delicious and attainable.
— Eric Williamson, participant, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
CMHA has been working with Wellness Matters just under a year and it has been a wonderful experience. Our staff is always anticipating the next event and best of all, using some of the different ideas at home. The unique thing about Wellness Matters is that none of them are Registered Dieticians, but are able to share information that is practical and cater to many different lifestyles and demographics which fits our company’s diversity. Our employees are very competitive and the Cook off Challenge feeds that competitiveness. If health and wellness is a driving force within your company, I would highly recommend Wellness Matters!
— Quincy Williams, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority